Individual Travel Insurance

This policy is specifically designed to suit the requirements of an individual who has undertaken an overseas travel for the purpose of holiday, leisure &/or business purpose. There are three plans on offer for the same and the customer can chose based on his requirements.

Plan Benefits

Section Coverage Details Coverage Amount Shri Travel (USD 50000) Shri Travel Plus (USD 100000) Shri Travel Elite (USD 200000)
Age 90 days to 65 years Age 90 days to 65 years Age 90 days to 65 years
A Medical Expenses Cover@ US$ 50,000 to 200,000 US $ 50000 US $ 100000 US $ 200000
Cashless hospitalisation worldwide Yes Yes Yes
Repatriation of Remains Sublimit of US$ 1000-2000 US $ 1000 US $ 1500 US $ 2000
Daily allowance in case of hospitalisation$ US$ 25 (for 5 days) US$ 25 (for 5 days) US$ 25 (for 5 days) US$ 25 (for 5 days)
B Dental Treatment@ US$ 250 US$ 250 US$ 250 US$ 250
C Total Loss of Checked in Baggage US$ 500 US$ 500 US$ 500 US$ 500
D Delay of Checked in Baggage ^ US$ 100 US$ 100 US$ 100 US$ 100
E Loss of Passport ** US$ 200 US$ 200 US$ 200 US$ 200
F Personal Liability$$ US$ 50000 US$ 25000 US$ 50000 US$ 50000
G Personal Accident US$ 15,000 US$ 10,000 US$ 15,000 US$ 15,000
H Hijack Distress Allowance*** (applicable if > 24 hours & for maximum 7 days) US$ 100 per day US$ 100 per day US$ 100 per day US$ 100 per day
I Financial Emergency Assistance** US$ 300 US$ 300 US$ 300 US$ 300
J Trip Cancellation & Interruption US$ 250 No US$ 250 US$ 250
K Missed Connection? US$ 500 US$ 250 US$ 500 US$ 500
L Travel Delay++ US$ 250 No US$ 250 US$ 250
M Golfers hole in one US$ 500 No No US$ 500
N Bail bond Insurance US$ 500 No US$ 500 US$ 500
O Trip Curtailment US$ 250 No US$ 250 US$ 250
@ Deductible of US$ 100. This deductible is applicable on per illness (complete treatment) basis.
** Deductible of US$ 50.
*** 24 hours
$ 2 days deductible - If hospitalisation is for more than 2 consecutive days, this benefit can be cleared only once during the policy period
^ delay of more than 12 hours
++ up to US$ 100/-per day, if trip is delayed for more than 12 hours.
$$ Deductible of US$ 100.


Shri Travel (USD 50000) Shri Travel Plus (USD 100000) Shri Travel Elite (USD 200000)
Excluding USA/Canada Including USA/Canada Excluding USA/Canada Including USA/Canada Excluding USA/Canada Including USA/Canada
Age 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs.
Days of Travel Premium in Rs.
1-4 days 425 498 668 817 537 644 887 1038 630 705 1380 1992
5-7 days 505 547 768 860 644 752 974 1116 685 769 1380 1992
8-14 days 734 820 1096 1183 805 913 1307 1553 849 969 1491 2150
15-21 days 772 870 1172 1340 913 1035 1379 1836 997 1235 1586 2319
22-28 days 870 989 1340 1511 967 1162 1548 2141 1083 1396 1795 2677
29-35 days 1086 1255 1658 1771 1128 1405 1912 2509 1253 1665 2168 3179
36-47 days 1255 1446 1900 2172 1396 1624 2203 3127 1440 2040 2563 3896
48-60 days 1471 1712 2580 3505 1665 1913 3415 4691 1689 2577 4171 6335
61-75 days 1809 2099 3817 5107 2255 2722 4827 7048 2357 3114 5967 9669
76-90 days 2170 2484 4568 6182 2685 3418 5799 7146 2992 4134 7227 10907
91-120 days 2764 3297 5483 7311 3383 5021 7135 8864 3542 5745 8642 14125
121-150 days 3199 3797 6470 8499 3834 6320 9852 12457 4577 6572 10642 18062
151-180 days 4068 4774 7621 9375 5915 7518 12279 14623 6320 7941 13654 23653
* GST extra as applicable


Shri Travel (USD 50000) Shri Travel Plus (USD 100000) Shri Travel Elite (USD 200000)
Excluding USA/Canada Including USA/Canada Excluding USA/Canada Including USA/Canada Excluding USA/Canada Including USA/Canada
Age 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs. 90 days-40 Yrs. 41-65 Yrs.
Days of Travel Premium in Rs.
1-4 days 501 588 788 964 634 760 1047 1225 744 832 1629 2350
5-7 days 596 646 906 1015 760 887 1150 1317 809 907 1629 2350
8-14 days 866 967 1294 1396 950 1077 1542 1833 1002 1144 1760 2537
15-21 days 910 1026 1382 1581 1077 1222 1627 2167 1177 1457 1871 2736
22-28 days 1026 1167 1581 1783 1140 1371 1827 2526 1277 1647 2118 3159
29-35 days 1282 1481 1957 2089 1331 1657 2256 2961 1479 1964 2559 3751
36-47 days 1481 1706 2242 2563 1647 1916 2599 3690 1699 2408 3025 4597
48-60 days 1735 2020 3045 4136 1964 2257 4029 5535 1993 3041 4922 7475
61-75 days 2134 2477 4505 6026 2661 3212 5696 8316 2782 3675 7041 11409
76-90 days 2560 2931 5390 7294 3168 4033 6843 8433 3530 4879 8528 12870
91-120 days 3262 3891 6470 8627 3992 5925 8419 10459 4179 6779 10198 16667
121-150 days 3775 4480 7635 10029 4524 7458 11625 14699 5401 7755 12558 21313
151-180 days 4800 5633 8992 11063 6980 8872 14489 17255 7458 9371 16112 27911
* Above Premium Is Inclusive Of 18% GST


    • Travelling abroad for obtaining medical treatment
    • Any breach of law with criminal intent
    • Abuse of intoxicants or hallucinogens including drugs and alcohol
    • Self inflicted injury suicide or attempted suicide
    • Pregnancy, childbirth and its complication
    • HIV/ AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases
Note: For complete list of exclusions, please refer policy wording

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the general insurance policies that cover your overall trip wherever you go globally. Specifically, this policy is designed to suit the requirements of an individual who has undertaken overseas travel insurance policy for the purpose of leisure holiday or business. The increasing usage of the internet is making people inclined towards buying a travel insurance policy online sitting in any corner of the world. Travel insurance saves you from the further damage of any mishappenings that may have occurred during the trip. It can be the loss of baggage, trip cancellation, medical expenses, loss of passport and more.

Why Travel insurance is important?

Travel insurance has its importance in people's life those who are the frequent travelers and also those who are not. Most of the people have this feeling that it's not worth buying a travel insurance but the reality is, it acts as a protective cover for the insured and member's related to them. This should be kept in mind that anything can happen anytime so you have to be prepared for the worst. And, travel insurance will be your support during the whole trip session.

Following are the incidents that may be happening during your trip - Delay of Checked in Baggage (Loss of Baggage) Personal Accident Loss of Passport Trip Cancellation & Interruption Medical Expenses

Being a responsible traveler, buying overseas travel insurance is quite a smart idea. It comes with own experience when you travel to the various destinations on a frequent basis, you understand the importance of travel insurance. While having a travel insurance you can be on a safe side and need not to spend a single penny from your pocket. What can be the best than this? Here on Shriram General Insurance, you are being offered with three overseas travel insurance plans.

Look at the factors that need to be considered while selecting Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance Price: There are obvious reasons for choosing a travel insurance and that is the protection that you need while going on a trip. It is quite not an easy task to find the best travel insurance to get the complete coverage. Always consider the right kind of information while buying overseas travel insurance online. Budget affects the most while when you buy travel insurance online. Before buying overseas travel insurance always cross-check the price and deals so that you can get the best one.


While selecting a travel insurance what you should consider is to how flexible the insurer's policy is? Well, flexibility is important with respect to opting for any insurance services. Customers don't like if any restrictions come from insurers side. Choose the policy which is flexible in nature like in future if you need implementation or require any changes further you can go for it. So, if you are planning to get buy travel insurance go for the detailed information and buy according to your suitability.

Cross-Check The Customer's Review:

Always have an eye on customer's review that shows how they have experienced while using their services. In this internet age, people have complete liberty to express their thoughts regarding experience whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the services. And, according to the customer's review, you can calculate what kind of service a company is providing. Well, you can't completely trust the reviews only instead, visit the website and go through every detail. If needed talk to the people who are already using the services of such insurance companies.

Be Particular About Your Requirement:

You should know your requirement regarding overseas travel insurance policy so that you can easily buy one of your choices. Different travel insurance packages contain different coverage policies. According to the travel plan and requirement select the best overseas travel insurance deal and cover your trip. Therefore, know what exactly you need, this will help in deducting expenses also. We are providing different schemes for travel insurance i.e. Shri travel, Shri Travel Plus, and Shri Travel Elite. Opt according to the need and enjoy your trip.

Destinations Matters:

Overseas travel insurance is to cover your trip wherever you go, but location also needs to be taken into consideration. As there is some travel insurance policy that covers a particular destination given in the policy. There are certain criteria being set with the overseas travel insurance policy regarding selection of destination. Keeping yourself updated regarding the travel policies terms and conditions always required.

The Medical/Health Conditions:

While buying overseas travel insurance you have to be clear and honest to the insurer about your health or if any medication is going on. There are some exclusions given in the policy like if you are traveling abroad for obtaining medical treatment or involve in any criminal act. Be specific about your health issues and be open otherwise you only have to face the repercussions. Research on the best online travel insurance provider and get the best.

Remember The Coverage and Limits:

While buying a travel insurance online confirm every single detail about the coverage and the limits if any. There are coverages you can avail are Medical Expenses Cover, Cashless hospitalization worldwide, Repatriation of Remains, Dental Treatment, Total Loss of Checked in Baggage, Delay of Checked in Baggage, Loss of Passport, Personal Liability, Personal Accident and more depending on the type of travel insurance plan. Also, check for the limitations you might have.

Check Policy for Belongings: You also have to confirm whether your travel insurance policy includes coverage for belongings or not. As there are types of travel insurance schemes those who cover belongings or those who not. In that case, you should pre-examine the complete policy terms and conditions. Before buying travel insurance from Shriram General Insurance cross-check the complete details and process to buy.

Shriram Travel Health Insurance:

Travel Insurance has a criterion of health coverage as we provide the Medical Expenses Cover, Daily allowance in case of hospitalization, Dental Treatment along with Cashless hospitalization worldwide. In travel insurance, health coverage plan is a necessity for the members who all are going for such a long tour. Life is so uncertain where you don't know what can happen the very next step. Therefore, you need health assurance with a travel insurance plan for your safety. Shriram offers travel insurance with health benefits offers on affordable rates.

What Shriram general insurance overseas travel insurance policy covers?

Medical Expenses Cover: Shriram General Insurance provides medical expenses as per the requirement during the trip. If you met with an accident during the trip it badly affects your pocket, but we can help you in coming out of it by providing Medical Expenses Cover.

Cashless hospitalization worldwide: Today almost everyone has gone cashless, no one carries cash as they used to. In this case, Shriram General Insurance supports well by providing Cashless hospitalization worldwide cover along with the travel insurance.

Dental Treatment: If you buy overseas travel insurance from Shriram General Insurance you will get coverage of dental treatment as well. In case you face any dental issue it can be covered by us only during the trip. The dental treatment is based on various criteria as mentioned in the treaty.

Total Loss of Checked in Baggage: During the trip, many travelers face the problem of loss of baggage on the airport while transportation in cargo or due to other reasons also. In this case, Shriram General Insurance helps in covering the compensation of the total loss of the baggage.

Delay of Checked in Baggage: In many cases, passengers face the issue of Delay of Checked in Baggage where they receive their luggage quite late from the airport management side. Shriram covers the same loss very conveniently where you can easily claim.

Loss of Passport: It is advisable to keep all your documents upto date and safe while traveling abroad. Still, people make mistakes by losing their passports which something very much mandatory to keep in. Well, in this case, Shriram is there to compensate by covering for the Loss of Passport.

Personal Accident: While traveling anywhere in the world you have to be very much particular about your surroundings and be very careful. Although, no one can guess what can happen in very next second as any incident may take place. In this case, the personal accident cover offered by Shriram General Insurance helps you incurring all the expenses.

Financial Emergency Assistance: Financial requirement emergency can hit you up anytime unknowingly. You may need money in between the trip and you don't have a single penny to spend. In such a case, you can ask Shriram General Insurance for financial support if you have taken the coverage Financial Emergency Assistance.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption: Trip cancellation is one of the issues being faced by several passengers all around. The biggest headache is the cancellation charges which is almost the half price of the ticket amount. But, if you have taken overseas travel insurance you don't have to worry about the amount. Shriram General Insurance is here to help by compensating the extra charged amount.

Daily allowance in case of hospitalization: Today, the hospital expenses go beyond your financial limitations, still you have to manage in every way. Hospital charges fees on per day basis for staying in the wards. If you are trapped in such situation you can be given assistance by Shriram General Insurance if you have taken the Daily allowance in case of hospitalization as overseas travel insurance cover.

How Shriram Travel Insurance services work ?

  • Shriram General Insurance is one of the eminent insurance companies all over India. It provides coverage on a large number in favor of customers.
  • You don't have to think about the budget if you are buying overseas travel insurance from Shriram General Insurance. It provides insurance on such affordable premium rates. Also, in case of buying car insurance you will get comprehensive coverage..
  • In the case of customer services, Shriram General Insurance acknowledges each and every one.
  • One of the best features Shriram General Insurance is having, the quick response to the customers. Also, the travel insurance claim settlement is done on a quick basis.
  • Customers face zero difficulties while buying overseas travel insurance online as it is quite hassle-free and easy process online. Also, they get instant assistance form the support team. And, two wheeler insurance is also available as per your need and requirement that you can easily access online.

Shriram Travel Insurance Plan

Traveling around the world makes you feel happier always. Many people buy overseas travel insurance for abroad trip in respective season. Shriram Travel Insurance offers travel insurance with different packages according to the location and the journey length type. People have become smart and knowledgeable about the travel related risks and that's why it is important to take necessary precautions. Therefore, they choose the travel insurance policy package accordingly.

Shriram Travel Insurance offers following travel plans you can opt for

Plans Available:a) Single Trip b) Family Floater c) Annual Multi-Trip

Plan BenefitsShri Travel (USD 50000)Shri Travel Plus (USD 100000)Shri Travel Elite (USD 200000)

All three plans provide coverage on according to the requirement of the travelers. Also, the amount of coverage is also given as per the need.

Points to be considered while buying travel insurance online -

Buying overseas travel insurance online via Shriram General Insurance's website you need to be focused on various parameters. This is important to get the correct coverage mentioned in the policy online.

Trip duration: The duration of the trip is one of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while buying overseas travel insurance. The length of the policy affects your pocket. If you have planned a short trip of 4-7 days you will be getting coverage according to that. And, if the trip is about 30 days then it will be more costly with add-on services. The premium calculation depends on the number of days you are going to spend during the trip. All policies will be issued for a maximum of 180 days. However, the insured can opt for extension.

Extension in Travel Days:

The extension under the plan shall be provided, subject to the following: 1) The original policy period has not expired 2) There is no claim on the original policy 3) Declaration of good health 4) The extension can generally be effected only once on the policy 5) Extension in days not to exceed 180 days 6) The total extension including original period should not exceed 360 days. 7) Extension premium has to be paid before the actual extension is effected.

Type of trip: There are various types of trip or vacation people plan for i.e for business and holiday purpose. Also, it affects according to the visits like if you are visiting a foreign destination for once or a frequent flyer. And, the premium calculation also depends on the type of policy you opt.

Location: The destination of the trip is also considered as one of the factors of buying travel insurance online. The premium of your travel insurance policy goes up if your traveling location is adventurous and risky. Therefore, while opting for an online travel insurance policy you should review every detail properly to avoid any mistake.

Medical Description: If you are suffering from any of the health issues or it might happen that the place you are visiting may affect your health. Therefore it is important to fill every information correctly while completing the travel insurance form online. On the basis of which you will be getting coverage and required services.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: January 2023
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